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You will be able to network with other professionals in your field.

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How does the ₹1000 pre-registration work?
When you pre-register for a course by paying ₹1000, you secure a spot in the course without having to pay the full fee upfront. This allows you to reserve your place in the course and access exclusive benefits.
In most cases, the ₹1000 pre-registration fee is non-refundable. However, it is typically applied towards your course fees when you complete your full course registration.
No, the ₹1000 pre-registration fee is usually the only upfront cost you need to pay. Any additional fees or charges associated with the course will be specified in the course details.
Yes, you can pre-register for multiple courses by paying ₹1000 for each course. This allows you to secure your place in multiple courses and explore a range of learning opportunities.
After pre-registering, you will typically receive further instructions on completing your course registration, including how to pay the remaining course fees. You’ll also gain access to any exclusive benefits or resources offered to pre-registered students.

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