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  • Figure out how to Independently Design, Code, and Build IOT items.
  • Figure out how to function with Micro regulators (Arduino Uno, Nano, NodeMCU), Sensors, Relays, Displays, Keypads, work with principle (220/110) and that's just the beginning.
  • Figure out how to code utilizing Arduino IDE from rudiments.
  • Figure out how to utilize Ethernet and WiFi shields.
  • Figure out how to associate with cloud IOT Platforms, Persist Data, Program Triggers.
  • It will help if you have some foundation in hardware and know essential coding standards
  • This Course helps you gain practical experience with IoT concepts like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and connecting sensors to a computer.
  • This course is constructed remembering all degrees of Audience, Anybody who is keen on building IOT items to sell or for proficient use, individual use or for school tasks can take this course

Why Study Internet of Things?

Career Oriented

There are many career opportunities in this field, which is growing rapidly.

Affordable to Learn

The courses are affordable and don’t require a lot of time to complete.

Way To Grow And Develop

Grow and develop your skills in ways to make yourself more valuable.

Fastest Growing Field.

A better chance to get encouragement from your peers and teachers.

Internet of Things Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Internet of Things.
  • M2M towards IoT -the global context.
  • IoT Products by Indian Companies.
  • Hardware Layer - Arduino.
  • Industrial Internet of Things.
  • Getting started with Arduino Uno R3
  • Switch Interfacing with Arduino.
  • Hardware Layer – Sensor Interfacing.

  • Introduction to basic sensors.

  • Sensor 1: Working & Interfacing of IR.

  • Sensor 2: DHT11 Interfacing, working principle.

  • Introduction to NodeMCU & Device Data/ Control.
  • Arduino – Opensource Hardware Platform.
  • Pin Configuration and functionalities.
  • Accessing UI in a local network.
  • Network Layer – Wireless Communication Protocols.
  • IPv4 Vs IPv6.
  • Introduction to 6LowPAN.
  • IoT Physical Layer Protocols - Bluetooth/WiFi/LoRAWAN/NFC.
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I was a bit skeptical at first, but I took the course and it was a lot of fun! I learned so much about IoT, and now I feel like I can use this information in my day-to-day work.

Pooja Chaudhary Test Engineers

This course is great for anyone who wants to learn about the Internet of Things. It's very well-organized and easy to follow, with lots of useful examples. .

Rohit Saxena Student

I'm really enjoying the Internet of Things course I'm taking. It's so interesting to learn about the different technologies and how they're used in real-life.

Nimesh Hegde System Administrator

The Internet of Things course is amazing. It taught me a lot about how to build internet-connected devices and how to use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other tools.

Supriya Rajput Student

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An IoT device can look like anything! They range from tiny sensors you put on your dog's collar so you know if they're running away to entire buildings that are connected wirelessly to the internet and controlled remotely.

Yes! This course covers all parts of IoT, including: building a simple Internet-connected device, connecting it with other devices, writing code for your device, and then sending data from your device over the Internet and receiving data back from a website.

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