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  • Expert Java Programming Language
  • Fabricate Dynamic Android Apps From Scratch
  • Expert Android Development and MVC Pattern when Building Android Apps
  • Expert Modern Android Development with Data Binding
  • Fabricate Several Android Apps with the most recent Android API's: ROOM, Firebase, Firestore, and ML Kit Face Recognition
  • Learn Android Development Best Practices
  • Learn Android User Interface Design
  • Essential programming experience when all is said and done is useful yet not needed. The course covers all you'll require to assemble Android Apps
  • Be Happy to Work and Learn

Are you interested in developing apps, but don't know where to start? This course will teach you the fundamentals of app development, including how to create an application, how to get funding, and how to market your app. You'll also learn about different types of apps and their uses, as well as what it takes to become an app developer.

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build apps from the ground up, from the basics of programming to advanced techniques.

Why Study App Development?

High Demand

There is a high demand for app developers in the technology industry.

Short Learning Curve

It is a relatively short learning curve to become an app developer.

Low-Cost Entry Point

The cost of entry is relatively low compared to other technology-related fields.

Growing Field

The field of app development is expanding and will continue to grow.

App Development Course Syllabus

This multi-week MOOC expands upon the outline of Java and Android shrouded in Course 1 by digging further into center Android application segments, for example, aims, exercises, and broadcast collectors. You will learn as a visual demonstration how to program these center Android segments along with Android simultaneousness structures and fundamental Java record I/O classes, (for example, File and InputStream) and Android stockpiling instruments, (for example, Shared Preferences). You'll likewise figure out how to utilize the Git source code and the board framework. All through this MOOC, you'll work gradually on a task including downloading, putting away, and showing pictures from distant sites. Every week you will add extra abilities to the venture, given real canvasses in the talk recordings. You'll go through about 4 hours out of each week watching video addresses, taking tests, and programming tasks with Java and Android.

This multi-week MOOC builds on the fundamental Android application components and concurrentness structures covered in Course 2 by focusing on beginning and bound administrations, bridging the gap between measure correspondence (IPC) and substance suppliers. Contextual analysis applications will be inspected from numerous viewpoints to figure out how to program these application parts utilizing Android's material planning worldview. Understudies will work gradually on an active task, including a material plan based RSS peruser application. Every week you will add extra abilities to the venture, in light of the material canvassed in the talk recordings. You'll spend around 4 hours out of each week watching video addresses, taking tests, and programming tasks with Java and Android.

Designing Maintainable Android Apps, which is a multi-week MOOC that shows as a visual demonstration different strategies for designing viable Android applications, including test-driven advancement techniques and how to create/run unit tests utilizing JUnit and Robotium (or comparable computerized testing structures for Android), just as how to effectively apply normal Java/Android programming examples to improve the extensibility and lucidity of Android applications. Understudies will chip away at the fitting mechanized unit tests, given the material canvassed in the talk recordings. These exercises will exhibit the advantages of good computer programming rehearses that are focused on making viable code for versatile applications.
The Capstone project incorporates material from all through the Android App Development Specialization to practice and survey the capacity of students to make an intriguing Android application. Students will apply information and abilities acquired in past MOOCs in this Specialization, including Java programming highlights; Android action, broadcast beneficiary, administration, and substance supplier (in addition to SQLite) segments; and unit, coordination, and UI testing. The actual task is comparative in the degree to past tasks in the previous MOOCs in the Specialization. Nonetheless, it is purposely intended to empower students to make an altered application that exhibits their innovativeness and authority of the Specialization themes.
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  3. We purvey an Industry certificate from renowned and prestigious companies as an incentive.

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This course is amazing. I have learned so much about coding & app development. I'm very excited to start making my own app.

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This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to build Android apps. If you want to be able to create apps that run on Android devices, this is the course for you. It covers all of the basics and then moves on to more advanced topics like networking, data storage, security features, and permissions.
This course is different from most other Android development courses because it focuses on the fundamentals of developing Android applications rather than just teaching you how to use APIs. The best way to learn how to develop Android apps is by first learning how the system works and then learning how to use APIs.
The course is structured around the object-oriented approach to Android development. It starts with an introduction to the architecture of Android apps and moves on to cover the basics of developing for Android. The course then delves into each major component of an app—activities, services, and content providers—and how they fit together. Finally, it covers some advanced topics such as networking, data storage, security features, and permissions.
This course costs minimum $37 and is available at a special rate of INR 2,999 for 1 year's access to corporate network and video lectures.
This course is recommended for developers who are new to Android and want to learn it from scratch. It can also serve as a refresher on the basics of developing apps for Android, whether you're an experienced developer or not.

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