Who this course is for:

➔     Any Electric Vehicle Enthusiast

What you'll learn

➔     Determination of E – engines - BLDC/PMSM/INDUCTION/SynR MOTORS

➔     Engine Control Technology for Traction applications

➔     Batteries for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle System Application - Lithium-Ion

➔     Lithium-Ion Battery Management Systems

➔     Wellbeing, Testing, Regulations, and Standards of Electric and Hybrid vehicles


➔     Fundamental Knowledge about the electric vehicle is adequate

About this Course

Hybrid electric vehicles are fueled by an inner ignition motor and an electric engine, which utilizes energy put away in batteries. A hybrid electric vehicle can't be connected to charge the battery. All things being equal, the battery is charged through regenerative slowing down and by the interior burning motor. The additional force given by the electric engine can consider a more modest motor. The battery can likewise control assistant loads and diminish motor sitting when halted. Together, these highlights bring about better efficiency without forfeiting execution.


What sorts of electric vehicles (EVs) are there? How would I charge an EV? What is regenerative slowing down?


These inquiries and significantly more are replied to in this instructive course that covers all you require to think about hybrid and electric vehicles. Get familiar with the various kinds of vehicles, charging, benefits, wording, execution, security, cost of proprietorship, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. We designed this course to be straightforward and brimming with data about the eventual fate of the auto business. You'll appreciate this course if you need to learn everything about EVs!


Endless supply of the foundation, members will have the option to:


➔     Characterize and examine major electrochemistry of battery activity and execution prerequisites for HEV, PHEV, E, RE, V, and fully electric vehicle applications

➔     Gauge the size of a cell to meet a particular prerequisite

➔     Make a support to-grave, or support to-utilize rundown of materials utilized in an auto battery

➔     Figure the temperature reaction of the battery cell and pack congregations for a basic model

➔     Depict the capacities performed by a Battery Management System (BMS)

➔     Disclose various ways to deal with assessing condition of charge, condition of wellbeing, force, and energy.

➔     Apply the activity of brushless dc and acceptance engines to HEV and EV vehicles

➔     Characterize the force speed bends for engines and the application to electric and crossover electric vehicles

➔     Portray the highlights of buck, lift, and Transformer converters

➔     Thoroughly analyze the different business and administrative guidelines for half breed vehicle segments, batteries, and charging frameworks

➔     Portray the primary half breed and electric vehicle improvement contemplations and execution necessities for different vehicle framework

Recognize how to characterize key vehicle framework necessities and select and size framework segments that best meet those prerequisites

  • Welcome
  • A few words about the course and how it works. We kick off this course with a video introduction to Electric Vehicles and Mobility. We at that point detail the course outline and give the schedule, clarify the beginning of this MOOC: the organization between École des Ponts ParisTech and Groupe Renault Corporate Foundation. At last, we present the individuals from the specialized, instructive, and logical team. The second area gives you the floor: you can acquaint yourself with different students through the forum.
  • Section 1 - Understand Mobility and its developments

     In this first part we will zero in on versatility, we will describe it as per metropolitan structures and ways of life. At that point, we will concentrate all the more explicitly on electric portability and its advancement over the long run, which will permit us to investigate the progressions instigated by the electric vehicle on the versatility system. In this part, each "class" is gone before by a video More on the method that characterizes a device or idea utilized in the talk and is trailed by a video. Do you know that? which extends the skyline of the course or enlights it from a specific angle. Finally, you will have the option to test your comprehension in the accompanying area dedicated to the evaluation of the week in a reviewed test (some single-answer questions, some various answer questions). This assessment concerns just the recordings Lecture and is needed to acquire the certificate.

     Section 2 – Electric Mobility and Environmental Impact Reduction

     In this part, we will consider the issues of environmental change and afterward lead a forthcoming investigation of the advancement of ozone harming substances discharges all through the 21st century.

    We will at that point analyze the job of transport regarding neighborhood air contamination and noise. To decide the ecological exhibition of various kinds of vehicles, we will introduce a life-cycle examination and afterward prepare this technique to look at the presentation of warm and electric vehicles as far as protection of the nearby and worldwide environment.

     The assessment of this part, as a reviewed test, is in the accompanying area. This assessment concerns just the recordings Lecture and is needed to get the certificate.

     Part 3 – Economic Analysis

     We will use this part of the monetary investigation to reveal insight into the decision between warm and electric cars. After introducing a couple of instruments and ideas of financial examination in the video More on method, we will utilize this logical system to assess the expenses and advantages related to the zap of the armada, according to the perspective of the purchasers just as that of the maker, considering the expense of batteries and charging framework, yet additionally the ecological gains and duty income changes for the State. Then we will talk about the macroeconomic issues of the electric vehicle before taking a gander at the interest and expected interest for electric vehicles at the miniature level. The assessment of this part, as an evaluated test, is in the accompanying area. This assessment concerns just the recordings Lecture and is needed to get the certificate.

     Section 4 – Electric Mobility and Infrastructures: Technical and Economic Dimensions

     Although electric vehicles run on similar streets as warm vehicles, they require some particular frameworks. We will talk about here the specialized and financial components of these foundations in France, in Europe, and around the world. This investigation will lead us to look into the different plans of action of the electric vehicle. The course will be finished by a video clarifying the equilibrium of the organic market on power networks. This part additionally incorporates two Do you know that?, one on the charging stations, the other on power stockpiling, just as meetings of specialists from Groupe Renault to finish our insight into infrastructure. As with all sections, you will have the chance in the following meeting to test your comprehension of the material through a test. This assessment concerns just the recordings Lecture and is needed to get the certificate.

     Part 5 – Electric Mobility Today

     So far, we have examined natural issues, the large scale and microeconomic impacts of electric versatility, foundation needs of the electric vehicle, and different plans of action related to it. We would now be able to take a gander at electric vehicle markets.

    In this section, we will initially draw up a stock of electric vehicle markets in France, in Europe, and around the world. At that point, we will examine the supporting public arrangements that could go with the removal from these business sectors at the French, European and worldwide levels. This part additionally incorporates three recordings. Do you know that? that will improve our insight into the various sorts of electric vehicles. The evaluated appraisal for sections 5 and 6 will be found in the segment following part 6.

     Part 6 - Perspective: The Road to Electrification

     In this part, we will investigate how the electric vehicle might be conveyed over the 21st century. To do this, we will expressly utilize a forthcoming methodology pointed toward investigating the future instead of anticipating it. We will start by deteriorating the principal instruments to lessen the natural effects of transport through the ASIF (Activity Structure Intensity Fuel) approach, at that point study the critical issue of the arrangement of charging frameworks. At last, we will look at the job of hybridization as a change innovation to the electric vehicle. The course is trailed by a meeting of a specialist from AVERE-France to widen our perspective on hybridization and to find propels in battery life. You will discover in the accompanying meeting the evaluated appraisal for both sections 5 and 6. This assessment concerns just the recordings Lecture and is needed to get the certificate.

    Part 7 – Electric Mobility, Connected Mobility, Autonomous Mobility

     In this section, we will investigate how the organization of the electric vehicle is joined with other continuous improvements in the field of portability, especially regarding the advanced change of versatility systems.

    We will start with a conversation of the progressing advancement of shared portability administrations and the qualities and impediments of electric vehicles concerning their utilization in such administrations. We will at that point talk about the development of vehicle availability and investigate the chances that it presents for the sending of the electric vehicle. We will explain the qualification among the various degrees of vehicle mechanization through a video Do you know that? The course is improved by a meeting of a specialist from Groupe Renault who talks about different instances of investigations with robotized electric vehicles. The reviewed evaluation for parts 7 and 8 will be found in the segment following section 8.

     Section 8 - Electric Mobility for All: Utopia or Obviousness

     Introducing this MOOC, we found out if electric vehicles are just for rich individuals in 'the North'. This part expressly expects to assist you with building your responses to this inquiry. It will initially talk about the conceivable dissemination of the electric vehicle in the Bottom-Of-Pyramid showcases, in other words, the least fortunate (however, shockingly, generally various) populace classes. It will at that point examine the opportunities for the nations in 'the South' to go directly to electric versatility, without experiencing a verifiable improvement of warm portability as the one that nations in the North have encountered. We will along these lines investigate the states mapping in the field of portability like what has been worked in the broadcast communications field where the cell has been conveyed in nations that have never sent a broad wired network. That Their last meeting of a specialist from Groupe Renault will close this seminar on a conversation of the plan of action of the electric vehicle that would permit versatility for all.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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Warren Bethell

This is the second Photoshop course I have completed with Cristian. Worth every penny and recommend it highly. To get the most out of this course, its best to to take the Beginner to Advanced course first.

The sound and video quality is of a good standard. Thank you Cristian.


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